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One more reason to keep on movin’

October 26, 2011

Sometimes, (okay, often) I troll the fitness and nutrition section of the New York Times.  If you’re not familiar, you should bookmark it.  Check back weekly because the Well Blog features articles based on recently published articles, most are from peer reviewed journals (which means it’s a good scientific study).

Now, if you need one more reason to commit to everyday health, here it is: decreasing your bodyweight during mid-life will help to eliminate your risks of developing heart disease. From the article: “The men who started college overweight or obese but were of normal weight in middle age no longer had a higher risk of dying of heart disease…Body mass index in middle age was a strong predictor of dying of heart disease, the study showed. Being overweight in middle age increased the risk 25 percent, and being obese raised it 60 percent.”

Read more and tell me, are you ready to decrease your risk for heart disease? Did you take care of yourself “first” today?


Fall RunnerFall Rower

Side note: It’s fall, get out and enjoy it, whether you can run, hike, or row!

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