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A Success Story

September 17, 2014

Check out this success story! I can’t help but brag when clients succeed, I’m so proud of their tenacity and hard work! Some background, this client contacted me when she was fed up and frustrated with continuous injury. We worked together for 10 sessions, and I left her with steady homework afterwards, because I knew she had the drive and determination to continue improving on her own.  Here’s where she is today, having just finished her first 15K trail run.

“I kind of broke the do not increase more than 10% weekly rule Marissa (congrats again you made podium for nationals!) with this run but not really because I did quite a bit of hiking up the 2 major hills. I’m working on getting to run up them more with a trail running group. Main goal is the North Face half marathon in Dec. As long as I do the routine you developed for me-my cranky knee and other stuff does not act up! :D”

Rock on and stay injury free!

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