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Plank series: Plank it real good

January 16, 2015

Plank it. Plank it real good!

Hi guys,

I’ve posted below the plank series we’ve been doing in class at the end of extreme core on Thursdays! Now you could practice at home! Couple of things to note, the first three plank exercises should be on your elbows, keep your core tight and engaged.
20sec    Plank – saw
10sec    child’s pose stretch
20sec    plank – cheek to cheek
10sec   child’s pose stretch
20sec    plank – knee pedal to ground
10sec    child’s pose stretch

Move planks to your high plank position, on your hands and toes.
20sec    Plank on hands – same side knee to elbow
20sec    fast mountain climbers
10sec    updog stretch
20sec    Plank on hands – knee to opposite elbow
20sec    fast mountain climbers with cross under
10sec    updog stretch
20sec    Plank on hands – same side to outside elbow
20sec    Faster Spiderman planks. Hop your right foot up to your right hand, leaving your left foot down at plank position. Next, hop the right foot back to plank as left foot comes up to left hand.

You can just do one set, or put it on repeat and reap the plank rewards.

Happy weekend!


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