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favorite flashback – Joan Jett empowers the class

January 21, 2015

I am starting a new, occasional series, outlining some of my cycling class’ favorite songs. I love invigorating indoor cycling classes by ending with an empowering throwback song, and who doesn’t love a little Joan Jett?

Joan Jett – I Hate Myself for Loving You

The setup: 4:07 song – use it for a finishing sprint,  where we can, and should, ” let it all hang out”, this is the final interval set of your day! Sometimes we hate ourselves for one thing or another – use that anger for weakness to fuel the fire in your belly, and the pain in your legs.

The dirty details: challenge each person to hit their highest power of the day here.You’ll ride about 65 rpms on a moderate hill, sprints will increase up to 90 rpms.

To start, spin easy for the first 40s (ideally you’ve just finished a hard effort, this is the rest interval)

Then, stand  for 20s at a moderate -hard gear – set up for your sprint. Find a gear where you feel your cadence slow and you must use effort to overcome the resistance.
1:04:00 – sit down and sprint for 15sec,
1:18:00 – sit down and ride easy (or moderate)
1:58:00 – stand up and push  for 20s
2:10:00 – sit  and drive it hard! for 15s
2:27:00 – sit  and recover, – one more! 40s
2:57:00 – stand  up and ratchet up the gear, 30sec hard,
3:12:00 – sit and crush it one last time for 15sec,

I enjoy finishing with this song, using the “hate” to fuel their fire!


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