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Your Fool-Proof, Beach-Ready workout Ready. Set. Go.

January 26, 2015

Headed to a holiday but don’t want to lose what fitness and strength you’ve worked hard to gain? Are you already at the beach? Here’s a fool-proof beach-ready workout.

What do I need? Some workout clothes, sturdy shoes (or you can go barefoot if you’re on the beach).

Where? You can do this anywhere, your hotel pool deck, or the sand.

What do I do? Using only your body-weight, feel good and build or maintain strength with this workout in under 15 minutes.

Surfer Steps: Start in a deep lunge, with your left foot forward, and right knee about 1 inch from the ground. Strive to keep your shoulders and hips balanced over your right (rear) knee. From the lunge, jump UP and Twist 90 degrees to the Right, landing in a squat position. Return to start. Do 10 like this. Then complete 10 on the left.

Plank Up-n-Downs: In a plank position, draw your belly button up to your spine, while on hands and toes (or knees for beginners) slowly lower to your elbows, one at a time. Then back up to your hands. Do this 10-15 times.

Duck Lunges: In a half squat position, step back to a lunge with your right leg, quickly drag your toe back to the squat without standing up. Do 15 and then switch legs.

Push Up with Cross Under: On hands and toes (or knees) do a pushup on the ground. Once back to a tall plank on hands and toes, draw your left knee toward your right elbow and back. Repeat pushup sequence, and alternate the leg next time. For advanced athletes, bring your knee underneath you as you descend into the pushup (not after). Try for 10-15 pushups.

Plank rolls: Start in a side plank on your right elbow. Draw your core toward your spine, and squeeze your glutes. Bring your left forearm down, (parallel to the right forearm) and lift right arm off the ground as you ascend to a left side plank. Switch sides 20 times.


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