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Five reasons to revisit your bike fit in October

October 1, 2015


It’s October, full cyclocross season is underway, and the mountain bike and road racing seasons have generally come to a close. October is a fantastic time to revisit your bike fit, here are 5 reasons why you might want to revisit your fit, from me: the Roaring Mouse Cycles Certified Body Geometry Bike Fit Specialist 

If you’re ready to book an appointment – head to the website and book online! If you need some convincing – read my 5 tips below.


5 reasons to revisit your bike fit
–by Marissa Axell, Certified BG bike fit specialist @ RMC


1) “Free Speed”

One of the biggest compliments I’ve received from serious competitive cyclists and weekend warriors alike is when they exclaim “I am faster now that I had a fit!” Boom! Strava doesnt lie.  Bike fitting helps bring your body and bike into alignment, mainly helping you maintain a neutral and most biomechanically efficient position. When the body is in alignment, you go faster without really trying. 

2) Cure what ails you 

One of the biggest complaints about cycling from nearly everyone, is: “my (insert body part here) hurts all the time”. Whether it’s your crotch, feet, hands, shoulders, neck, or a combination of all of these, I can help solve what ails you. You do NOT need to suffer, we can work to solve your collective pains with a bike fit.


3) You just got a new bike

Congratulations, you just got the sweet new bike of your dreams. You’ve set it up just like all your other bikes, after all a bike is a bike is a bike, right? Although it’s made of lighter, stiffer carbon and it’s glossier all around AND has the newest fastest components, it doesn’t ride like the bike of your dreams. Do not despair, book a bike fit.


4) You just celebrated a birthday

Congratulations on your recently completed trip around the sun! As we age, we generally become less flexible, and depending on your training habits, you’re either more or less fit than the last time you began your trip around the sun. As the body changes, it’s a good time to revisit your bike fit. We will measure your flexibility and asymmetries to make sure you remain injury free.


5) Your racing season is over/just beginning

You just finished your racing season, and heading into the off-season. In a few more weeks, you’ll be back out on your bike logging some longer miles. If you’ve neglected the bike fit, now is a good time to revisit everything, to make certain you’re not headed toward an overuse injury, and help replace worn equipment like worn saddles, shoes, footbeds, pedals, etc.

Maybe your season is just beginning – hello crossers! You’re in the groove of training and have put off the bike fit for later. Getting the fit dialed in ahead of the meat of the racing season will assure you’re not headed for overuse injuries, and that you’re getting the most out of the power you’ve already developed –see #1



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